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Kat took her first yoga class while pregnant with her first child. That baby is now a yoga teacher in her own right and Kat’s full-on, all-in enthusiasm for yoga continues unabated.  Her passion for yoga is seasoned with a substantial grain of salt, a necessary condiment for keeping yoga practice real. After an initial fierce infatuation — aren’t we all like that when something is new, sexy and astounding? — she now experiences yoga as a powerful tool for living in a complex, ever-changing world with a naturally busy mind and a body that craves fulfillment of its kinesthetic blueprint. As mama, priestess, teacher and Head Coach, Kat has been helping people find themselves and their path in life for over 20 years.

k A T' S  S C H E D U L E

sundays @ 10am: Gentle yoga flow @ Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, MA

mondays @ 6PM: moderate/vigorous flow @ YOGA gB, Great Barrington, MA

THURSDAYS @ 5:30pm: Gentle Yoga Flow @ Red Lion Inn, Stockbridge, ma

fridays @ 9am: Moderate/vigorous flow @ YOGA GB, Great barrington, ma

fridays @ 11am: Gentle/Moderate flow @ YOGA GB, Great barrington, ma