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Kat's profound love for each and every student is infused into every aspect of this training, creating a deeply transformative experience for everyone involved. This training will forever change the way you relate to yourself, others, and the world, in a way that is better than you ever could have imagined!

With love,
Lisa Sunshine, 2015 DCYTT Graduate


For some cosmic reason, I signed on to Dharma Yoga Teacher Training without ever having met Kat, a single other person in the training, and quite honestly not even sure if I ever wanted to be a yoga teacher.  Despite some personal resistance, it turned out to be a great decision.  I met the most wonderful like-minded people, deepened my own yoga practice, and feel empowered to help myself and others to lead a truer life.  Kat Whitney, "Mama Kat", is the real deal.

Karen Sullivan, M.Ed., 2015 DCYTT Graduate


Kat Whitney guides you through a transformative personal process that not only enhances your asana through the universal principles of alignment, but also fully utilizes your unique personality and skills to become a dynamic, “healed healer” yoga teacher. The DCYTT curriculum is built upon the traditional yoga texts and integrates these core principles of yoga (no faux-ga) throughout the year in a very approachable way. I’ve deepened my individual practice as well as my connection to myself, other yogis, and potential yogis in ways I didn’t expect.  I feel lucky to have been a part of this empowering journey! Practice and all is coming!

Makaila M., 2015 DCYTT Graduate


I became aware of DCYTT through a friend that was interested in deepening her practice. I am in the midst of a career change and thought being a yoga teacher would help my employability. I never expected that DCYTT would change my life the way it did.  I now have more than 20 new sisters ( and a brother) that I would trust with my life, an amazing yoga practice and an outlook and approach that has changed my daily life. Thank you for everything Kat!
-Dori, 2015 DCYTT Graduate