I am out with lanterns

looking for myself ”

-- Emily Dickinson

Give Yourself the

Best Day Possible

Daily Practice is Dharma Coach's prescription for a sweet, centered day -- every day. Develop a safe, fun, effective yoga habit in just 30 minutes each weekday with a dynamic group of non-judgemental women just like you. Mindset, movement, strength , mobility and focus are the gifts we share in a daily yoga practice.

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Empower Your Life

& Your Business

Claim your personal sovereignty with transformative coaching sessions that help you build awareness, take action and move forward. Master life coach Kat Whitney uses tools from neuroscience, yoga and the femtuition of mother+womanhood to move you into clarity, focus & financial, personal and professional success..

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What Women Are Saying


"Kat has an ability to really 'get' people. She has a gift of being in tune and seeing below the surface. She has a deep knowledge of the spiritual aspects of yoga and the wisdom required to share."


"Kat knows when to push someone along and not let them keep playing small. She is in it for the long haul - a real commitment. Everyday shines a light on something I've learned from her."


"Connecting with Kat is effortless. She can strip any struggle right down to its basic parts, peel away layers, and get right to the heart. Her classes are always safe & fun, and so easv to understand."

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