About Kat


Kat Whitney is an improbable yogini and the founder of Dharma Coach.

Born in Boston, educated in fancy boarding schools and the Ivy League, she gave the capitalistic patriarchy everything she had for a looooong time before she spit herself out of the system to become a yogini. She has never looked back.

With a passion for teaching and research, Kat has been an educator and coach working in the field of human potential for 30 years. She is a skillful guide in a variety of disciplines including yoga, developmental neurobiology, meditation, self reflection, intellectual and ethical inquiry and spirituality across many traditions. Kat has created curriculum and programming in fields as diverse as secondary school education, the insurance and technology industries as well as yoga certification trainings.

With a Masters in Education from Harvard University, research in the field of ADD/ADHD and the highest level of certification in yoga and mindfulness, Kat seeks to provide innovative, holistic programs to help people discover and develop their highest human potential.

Twenty five years of yoga study includes certifications from The Yoga College of India, Baptiste Institute and David Magone's PranaVayu School. Continuing education with Hareesh Wallis, Paul Muller, Elena Brower, Krishna Das, HH XIV Dalai Lama, Kenpo Migmar Tseten Rinpoche, Sharon Saltzberg, Sally Kempton, Sri Dharma Mittra and John Friend has had a powerful influence on Kat's teaching style, depth of practice and authority in yoga. Training in India in ayurveda and meditation round out Kat's authentic command of yoga practice.

Leadership in organizations as diverse as Tantrika Institute (now Tantra Illuminated), small and large commercial studios and department chairship in academic settings give Kat the skills to manage her coaching and yoga education platform with creativity and integrity.

Kat lives in Columbia County, NY, where she teaches movement and meditation, writes, grows things, is mama to a couple of amazing grown up humans and hangs out with the wild animals who allow her to live with them on a mountain called Skyfields.